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With over 18 years of experience as a law 

enforcement officer, Jesse has dedicated his 

adult life to protecting the men, women, 

and children of his community. 

Jesse believes the number one priority for the 

top cop of the fifth most populous county 

in the state of Montana is to provide a 

safe environment to live, work, and play.

One of Jesse's most valued goals is to introduce a 

comprehensive and proactive approach to 

improving the safety of the students and staff 

in Cascade County schools. 


Jesse believes protecting the community, deterring 

crime, and being fiscally responsible starts with  earning 

the trust of the people of Cascade County.

As Sheriff Jesse will foster being responsive to 

those who call, and accessible to those the office serves. 

Jesse will demonstrate appreciation for the deputies, 

corrections officers, and civilian staff members of the Sheriff's Office.  These dedicated men and women will be empowered 

to make sensible decisions and provide creative solutions 

for ongoing fiscal and operational obstacles.

From the young hipster living in a trendy loft in 

downtown Great Falls, to the 70 year old who runs a 120 

 year old family ranch 20 miles from the closest neighbor 

or the parent who's working so hard to provide a vibrant life for their children, Jesse believes they all deserve the same level 

of care and response from members of the office sworn 

to protect and serve them.